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Koncert nórskej skupiny Dromedar

Dromedar has delivered juicy electro-marinated post-punk and infectious dance music on Oslo's underground music and art scene for over a decade. With roots in performance art and do-it-yourself music production, the band has grown into a hypnotizing and overwhelming art show.

Dromedar is based in Oslo at Hausmania Kulturhus and is recognized as a a community, House of Dromedar, in the production of video and visual art.

They performed on the roof at the opening of the new National Museum, on stages - home and abroad, Argentina tour, and recently they released the album Human Condition at Hærverk Industrier (Oslo).

Dromedar is now ready for a new concert tour serving a fresh mix of productions filling your heart and blowing your mind!

Music videos:

Dada Finale


Your House


Playing with Illusions





Live performance, National Museum, Oslo: https://vimeo.com/757178459

Live Performances, Playing with Illusions: https://vimeo.com/618984106

Info and live links on fb: https://www.facebook.com/Dromedarmusic/

Human Condition, album: https://dromedar.bandcamp.com/album/human-condition

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